This Mess On My Head-a poem + no post next week

This Mess On My Head, a poem by Jenna Terese


There’s this mess on top of my head

And when I get up out of bed

It’s all frizzy and fluff

And that kind of stuff

This mess on top of my head


And this mess on top of my head

Though taming it all I do dread

There are some good days

Sometimes when it lays

Just right, on top of my head


On top of my head there are curls

And around and around they do twirl

Too many to count

No reason to pout

About the mess that I call all my curls


Though some hair days can be quite bad

And though I could get very mad

It’s what I was given

From Him up in heaven

So I’ll love this mess on my head



Just letting you all know that I won’t be posting next week. The reason being…I’M GOING TO THE REALM MAKERS WRITERS CONFERENCE! (If you don’t know what that that is, check it out here) I am inhumanly excited and can’t wait to meet authors, writers, and BUY BOOKS! 😀 Quite honestly, things are just going to be too busy for me to write a coherent blog post, but the Saturday after Realm Makers weekend (July 28th), you can expect a thorough post (with pics!) about my adventure at Realm Makers. 🙂



Write on,


Let’s chat in the comments! Are you a dedicated poet, or just write an occasional poem, like me? Are you going to Realm Makers too, or another writers conference this year?


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