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    Common Stereotypes About Writers (true or false?)

    When you become a writer, you automatically have to take on the world’s perception of people in this line of work. There are many stereotypes that people assume about writers. Are they true or false? Let’s find out. 😉   #1 All writers are introverts/hermits/anti-social Though the majority of writers are probably introverts and we tend to flourish sitting in a corner of our bedrooms by ourselves to write, I know of many extroverted writers. As for being anti-social, ‘introvert’ doesn’t always necessarily mean ‘anti-social.’ Though introverts recharge by having quiet time, we still enjoy being around our friends and family. I’ll label this one false.  #2 Writers are grammar police…

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    Pulling Out an Old Manuscript for Polishing? (how to get motivated and make the most of editing)

    We all have those old manuscripts tucked into the deepest and darkest corners of our shelves (and memories). Those cringe-worthy stories you thought you’d burn the first chance you’d get…turns out one of them was kinda a cool idea, and you’re considering cleaning it up as your next project. To state it simply; this can be a rough process. It can be hard to keep motivation while reading through your old writing. And it’s easy to put that old story away forever, or burn it like you’d first planned. When you think about your story idea in your head, it always sounds like a good idea. I mean, what’s better…

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    How To Read Like A Writer

    Hello, my friends and fellow bookworms. 🙂 For the most part, writers love to read. They blow through book after book and fill their shelves (while emptying their wallets). It’s such a wonderful thing to get lost in another world… It’s a good thing we like reading, because it’s very beneficial to the writer. Before I got serious about writing, I was doing nothing to try to improve my craft. I just wrote because I loved stories, and that’s okay. But I did want to improve. I wanted to be published one day. And that required some serious work. One summer day in 2017, I was looking back on my old writing. I had…

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    The Introvert’s Guide to Talking About Your Book

    Writers are very passionate about what they do. They love the stories they craft, the characters they create, the emotion they get swept up into. But it feels like it’s one of the hardest things to talk about our books to other people. I have even hesitated telling people that I’m a writer, because I don’t want to get that dreaded question, “What’s your book about?” Because I know my answer will come out in some disorganized mess, and what if they think it’s a terrible idea? What if it’s not as good as I thought it was and my content illusion gets shattered? And sometimes, that is actually what…

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    The Get To Know Me Tag + survey

    Another tag! (these are fun 😛 ) I wasn’t tagged directly, but Chelsea did this on her blog, and said anyone could take it for theirs. So I did.     Tag rules: Link back to the person who created the tag (that would be Savannah) Thank the person who tagged you (thank you, Chelsea) Share the tag graphic Tag eleven bloggers (not sure if I know that many…)   Vital Stats and Appearance (Pen)Name: Jenna Terese Nickname: I’ve actually never had a nickname. Birthday: September 19th Hair color/length: my hair is very very dark brown, but looks black because of the hair product I use. Length? Is that wet or dry? Because the difference is about four inches…