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Common Stereotypes About Writers (true or false?)

When you become a writer, you automatically have to take on the world’s perception of people in this line of work. There are many stereotypes that people assume about writers. Are they true or false? Let’s find out. ūüėČ


#1 All writers are introverts/hermits/anti-social

Though the majority of writers are probably introverts and we tend to flourish sitting in a corner of our bedrooms by ourselves to write, I know of many extroverted writers. As for being anti-social, ‘introvert’ doesn’t always necessarily mean ‘anti-social.’ Though introverts recharge by having quiet time, we still enjoy being around our friends and family.

I’ll label this one¬†false.¬†

#2 Writers are grammar police

As for me, I am definitely not part of the grammar police force. I tend to have less-than-average spelling and grammar in my first drafts, and my eyes tend to skip over any grammatical mistakes anywhere else in the world. I would say that about half(ish) of writers are grammar police, so this one is also false. 

#3 All writers are major bookworms

Ahem, true.

Do we really need to discuss this? I know not¬†all¬†writers are hardcore bookworm, but it’s probably about 90%.

#4 Writers put people they don’t like in their novels and kill them off

*evil writer chuckle*

Weeeellll…..I haven’t done this¬†yet, but I have heard of writers doing it.

Dear people that think this stereotype is true and are worried that you’ll be a victim of a writer’s rage; writers won’t necessarily put you in their book for the purpose of killing you off because they don’t like you. Buuuut…we¬†might¬†use certain elements of an undesirable person we do not care for as inspiration for the villains in our books (which may or may not die by the end of the story).

Considering that, I think I’m gonna have to say¬†true¬†for this one though. XD

#5 Published writers are rich and famous

Um, no.

I wish it did, but for the most part writing doesn’t make enough money to be a sustainable income. Most authors write books as a side career because the book business just doesn’t really bring in enough money. There are exceptions to this though (*cough*The Hunger Games*cough*).

So, false.

#6 Writers are coffee addicts


Heehee, uh, yup this one is pretty¬†true.¬†Of course there are exceptions. Like myself; I enjoy a good mug of coffee-flavored milk once in a while or maybe half a latte, but coffee’s really not my thing. But everywhere you turn in the writing community, you’ll find people that¬†love coffee¬†in any shape or form.


Even though there’s a lot of stereotypes for writers, fitting these stereotypes isn’t exactly a bad thing. *hugs my books*

Write on,

Do you enjoy being in one of these stereotypes? What other writer stereotypes can you think of? 


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