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My NaNo Novel!


NaNoWriMo begins on Thursday!!!!

I can’t believe it’s so close. As my first year, I am super excited about this new challenge. And it’s so much fun to hear about everyone’s NaNo novels, so I’m here today to tell you a bit about mine. 🙂


my novel….





May be just a temporary title, not sure

A cover I made using Canva.

Covers are so much fun to make. 😛

A rough blurb (and by ‘rough’ I mean, well….very rough):


Rin Adachi is an Outcast.

One of the many scorned by the high-class society and government system of Chicago city. Struggling to make it. Desperate for life. Fighting for justice.

Rin wants to do all she can to thwart the government’s plans to rid the city of the Outcasts, to restore equality. Helping Taro, the man that took her in when her parents disappeared, she tries to do just that.

But it’s hard. Very hard.

When all she wants is a normal life, to be a normal girl…with a family again. Surely her parents knew she needed them. Desperately. Where were they?

Life as an Outcast is hard. Always on alert. The police always suspicious of you. Watch your step. Head down. Keep your place. 

But Rin can’t just stay in her place when Supervisor Langer of her home district releases a new plan to ‘purify’ the city, as a favor to the loyal citizens. He releases an army of cyborgs on the Outcasts to rid the city of them. Rin and those she cares about most are in danger of capture or worse.

Things get even more difficult when she has to trust a strange cyborg girl who might know the secrets to her parents’ disappearance, and a government soldier to save her people.


Like I said…rough.


I would like to introduce you to my characters, each of which holds a special place in my heart. But despite that fact, I’ve given them terrible lives (hehe).


Rin Adachi

Rin’s parents disappeared when she was very young, and was taken in by a friend. She is extremely  independent, but desperately wants to be part of a family again. She’s tough on the outside, sometimes cold and rude, but is fiercely loyal to her friends. She an ‘Outcast’, those of society that are struggling trying to make it in the expensive city life of Chicago. She can’t stand the prejudice of the well-off against the less-fortunates, and does whatever she can to thwart the government’s attempts to rid the city of Outcasts. Her hard exterior hides the void inside that her parents left.





Uma is a cyborg. One of the government’s first. Though her mind’s been washed by experimenting, Uma still desperately wants to remember what life was before working as a cyborg soldier for the government. She hates the fact that she hurts people in service for the government because she doesn’t have full control over her mind. But she’s one of the sweetest people that you’ll ever meet, and has a heart full of compassion.




Jax Oarsen

Jax Oarsen ran away from home seeking adventure when he was 14. He was a reckless dare-devil type kid that thought being a soldier would be ‘fun.’ Much to his disappointment, when his dream came true, it wasn’t like anything he’d hoped it to be. He’s guilty for leaving his parents, who just wanted to give him the best life they could. Living in hiding, that is (won’t tell you why, hehe). He hates the tasks he has to carry out as a soldier, and wants someday to make things right again.





[no picture for him as of yet]

Rin’s father-figure, but not a very good one. He’s too wrapped up in thwarting any of the government’s schemes to pay much attention to Rin. But he does care about her, just not in the way she needs. He’s fiery and passionate about his fight for justice and equality for the Outcasts. He’s a strange balance between a level-headed strategic planner and an over-ambitious executer of those same plans.



Vega Vesper

Vega is one of Rin’s closest friends. They’ve only known each other a couple years, but quickly created a strong bond (despite their totally different personalities). Vega is quiet, kind, generous and helpful. She’s protective, like the oldest sibling of seven ought to be. She takes care of her brothers and sisters while her parents work to make ends meet. (but she doesn’t have glasses like the picture implies)




Nym Lister

Nym is another one of Rin’s closest friends. He, Rin, and Vega kind of make an inseparable trio. He’s part of the high-class society due to his family’s wealth from his father’s job as a surveillance drone pilot for the government. But he doesn’t follow the crowd by avoiding the Outcasts like a disease, and wishes he could do more to help his friends without raising suspicion from the government. He’s level-headed, sensible, loyal, protective, and a shoulder to cry on, but often hides his true feelings.


And there you have it, folks! My cast of characters for Underneath. Who’s your favorite? 😉

That’s all for today, but stay tuned for next week’s post where I give some tips on surviving NaNo and my first NaNo word-count update (and also an explanation as to why a newbie is giving advice 😛 ).


Write on,

Tell me about your NaNo novel in the comments! What genre is it? Are you as excited for November 1st as I am?! 😀



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