10 Awesome Gifts for Writers & Readers

‘Tis the season for gift-giving. 🙂

It’s the time of year that you’re beginning to purchase Christmas presents for your family and friends. And, maybe a couple for yourself. 😉 (since bookworms definitely have money just lying around *nods* yeah)

I have here a list of some of the best gifts for the writer or reader in your life, or just as a treat for yourself. Happy shopping!

#1: A book-themed scarf


Storiarts has amazing gifts for readers (you’ll see more of their products in this list). I have one of these scarves, Sherlock Holmes themed. They’re warm and good quality too.

#2: Anne of Green Gables quote mug

I’ve only read the first of the Anne of Green Gables books, but I’ve watched a movie too and I must say…she and I are very similar in many ways. 🙂 I’m not nearly as talkative as she is, but we have a lot of the same feelings. We are kindred spirits. 😉

This mug is so pretty, and perfect for the bookish fan of Anne of Green Gables.

#3: Storiarts book tote

I need this. I just do.

You know those trips to the library or book store where you come back with way too many books for your own good? This is a perfect tote for that.

Better get two, to be on the safe side. 😛

#4: A Book Beau book sleeve

We bookworms love to keep our precious novels in super good condition. What better way than to slip your current read into a book sleeve? Perfect to protect against bends, scratches and stains.

#5: Storiarts writing gloves

I’m sure you can tell by now that I really like Storiarts products. 😉 I have a pair of these, Sherlock Holmes themed. They have quite a few themes, whether you want to go by author or book.

These gloves are good quality, warm, and just down-right cool. 😉

#6: In the Wick of Time book themed candles


I have the 221b scent (yes, I like Sherlock Holmes) and it. is. awesome. In the Wick of Time has many, many scents to choose from. So find a scent from your favorite book and let it bring a little more bookish joy into your life. <3

#7: A Frost Beard product

Once you get over the strange name, you’ll notice the cool products. 😉

They have bookish candles as well, and merch like tees, mugs, and totes.

#8: Obvious State products

Another company with book-themed mugs, totes, art prints, candles, and more. Not super pretty designs in my opinion. But, then again, I’m a girl; a bookish guy would probably prefer the look of these products. 😉

#9: Beautiful bookmarks

Stop using snips of paper, napkins, envelopes, or whatever other random stuff you stick in your book as a bookmark. Instead invest in some beautifully designed bookmarks, like these or these.

#10: “From the library of…” book stamp

Claim your books as your own with this stamp: “From the library of [insert your name here].” That’s pretty cool. Because I for one have no intention of getting rid of my books, and this is perfect especially if you lend your books to friends. You know, just to make sure you get them back. 😉


Well, I hope you’ll find something here that’s perfect for that bookish friend, or to treat yourself this Christmas. 🙂


Write on,

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What’s your favorite product from this list? Do you have a favorite bookish item that you love to use?


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