Why Are We Afraid to Be Christian Artists?

I saw this post on Penny’s blog, A Southern Belle With Stories to Tell. And oh. my. goodness. This post, Why Are We Afraid to Be Christian Artists, is so awesome I can’t even put it into words. It’s something all Christian artists NEED to read!

Reblogging this from Penny’s blog…

Hello dudes and dudettes! Today we’re going to discuss a topic that’s been tugging on my mind for a while now.

I’ve noticed for a while that there are people in the artist community. Every art form. Particularly I’ve noticed, in the writer and singer community.

People who have said that they are Christians, are now saying that they are not “Christian writers” or “Christian singers”. And they don’t advertise they’re writing or music as such.

Why is this? What is the reason for this movement away from being a Christian artist?

I’ve heard a lot of reasons.

Some say it’s because being Christian is a label.



Why is that bad?

I am a Christian.

Label me as one!




I’ve heard a lot of writers say they don’t call themselves a Christian writer (I’m just using writer but this applies to all art forms) because of the “stigma” attached to Christian writers.


giphy (1)


Like………for the longest time I didn’t even know this existed! But out of the blue suddenly there arose this imaginary “stigma” around Christian writers? I looked, and really, no one can give me a definition of what this stigma is or who believes in it.

Let me tell you something.

Those people? Who believe in the “Christian stigma”? They will always be there. There will always be people who hated what you do.

Do you know what is the worst thing about this movement away from being a Christian writer (or artist of any kind?) The left wing people, they people who don’t believe in God. They love this.

They’re glad because we’re dissolving into the culture. We don’t stand out in anymore. We speak in vague good terms of hope and faith but don’t have anything uncomfortable to say.

Anything that draws sin to light.

I have been reading so many articles about how we can’t advertise as Christian writer because of the stigma attached to it. I couldn’t help but wondering.

“Is this a thing?”

“I didn’t know being a Christian writer was bad.”

“Do people really look at me weird for being a Christian writer?”

And let’s just say. Even if this being a Christian writer does have stigma around it.

So what?

If being a Christian has stigma around it then let people believe that. If being a Christian and glorifying God in my writing is now bad or uncool then I want to be uncool.

Wouldn’t it be ridiculous for us to say, “I’m not going to identify as a Christian because of the stigma attached to that. I don’t want people to judge me.”

Or what if a police officer said, “I’m not going to identify as a police officer because of the stigma attached to when I wear my uniform and badge. People will judge me and think I’m coming to arrest them. I’m just going to wear casual clothes. And maybe I won’t arrest that robber. I don’t want him to think I’m judging him.”

Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?

Guys, our job is not to blend in and be cool in the world’s eyes. It’s our job to stand out in this world full of darkness and proclaim Jesus’s name. 

No matter what stigma is attached to it.


Which leads me to another reason why some people choose not to call themselves Christian writers. Or rather, not advertise their books as Christian fiction.


I’ve heard some people say they can’t advertise their books as Christian because they have bad content and they don’t like how so many people are saying that they’re books have “too much content” for Christian books.


tenor (1)


Let’s just go ahead and say this, folks. If people keep saying your books have evil content that should not be coming from a Christian, you need to start considering what you are writing.

No, guys. The Bible says a tree will be known by its fruits, whether they be good or bad.

Check the fruits of your writing, guys.

Does your work honor God?

And I’m not saying the characters need to be preaching 24/7. Nor do you need to start writing sermons instead.

But we do the same with our lives.

We can honor God by the way we live our every day lives.

Treating our parents with due respect.

Resisting the urge to shout at our siblings. (I could have said be nice to them, but baby steps, baby steps.)

Going to work and treating those co workers that drive us out of our minds with kindness.

Not taking advantage of people.

Respecting Him with what we put before our eyes.

When you look at your writing, do you see a story that you wouldn’t mind letting God read? (Yikes, tall order, I know.) If a non Christian read your book, could they see the difference? Could they see that it was good and pure?

A good story can be funny. Or exciting. Or an adventure. Or a mystery. They characters can be full of flaws and totally messed up and even act un-Christlike.

But does your story honor God?

We can either be for God or against him. There is no in between. And there shouldn’t be a place that God doesn’t fully have control over.

Listen to this. Your story never even may mention God once. Or have a long or amazing message. But we all know that we can spot the difference between someone who’s letting God flow through their writing, and someone who is just doing their own thing.

How to handle bad content is a whole other subject. And your story can be filled with brokenness, pain, suffering, and grief. This world is full of that.

But please think about this:

Does your writing honor God?

Would God be proud of your writing?

(And I’m not talking grammar here XD or good writing style. Would God be proud of the way you handled your writing and what happened?)


***END RANT***


I hope you guys enjoyed this a bit more……serious (#help #pennysgonecrazy #whatswrongwithher) post. It has been tugging at my heart and I had to get it out.

Now. Should I be ready for a blast in the comments?




I am a Christian writer.

Are you?


images via Giphy and Tenor

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