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    Before You Go To a Writers Conference…

    We are in conference season…

    So, in preparation for that, I want to present to you this post! One with a bunch of tips about attending writers conferences. 🙂 I’ve only gone to one writers conference, but I’ve gone to many other conferences, so I hope some of these things I’ve learned will help you too. 😉

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    Project Inspire|Interview w/ Chelsea R. H.

    Hello and welcome, my friends! I’m super excited for today’s post, because I’m interviewing my friend, Chelsea, for Project Inspire. She blogs at An Ordinary Pen; don’t forget to go check out her website!

    If you haven’t heard about the mission/blog tag I started, you can check it out here. Basically, it’s a tag to spread inspiration, motivation, and appreciation for the people that have been influential in our writing lives. 🙂

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    7 Things I Wish I Knew as a Beginning Writer

    First venturing into novel writing can be an intimidating thing. It’s different than learning a sport or an art or something like that, because it’s harder to find classes or other people that are writers too.

    I began writing when I was 7 or 8, just because I loved story. In the summer of 2017, it became a totally different thing for me. I still loved storytelling, but now I had a mission. I was serious about it now. 

    That’s when I think I really started writing. When I decided to take it to a new level.

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    I Finished My First Draft. Now What? {6 things you can do with your book}+I’M BACK!

    So…you’ve typed those last words of your first draft. You’ve done it. After months of outlining, plotting, researching, and head-desking writing, you’ve finally finished that first draft.

    Some may wonder what all the options are regarding what they should do with that book. Here are six different things you can do with your first draft.

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    The Liebster Award

    Coming out of my usual blogging schedule for this, because I have something special coming this Saturday, so be sure to come back to check that out! 😉

    I was tagged by the awesome Aberdeen, for The Liebster Award. Which is really just another blog tag. 😉 I’ve been really wanting to do this, so I’m so happy that I was tagged!

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