The Wonderland Tag

My friend at The Catwing Has Landed (go check out her blog!) has created her own tag! 😀 I am honored that she tagged me for it, so let’s jump right in.

The Wonderland Tag


The Wonderlander-ful Rules:
1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you. (Thank you, Catwing!)
2. Link back to the creator of the tag (Also Catwing 😉 )
3. Tag a random number of Wonder-ful bloggers and notify them (Probably not all the way to an eight that fell over, but whatever number that isn’t too high over 20/20. (Your vision can only be so good.) But not less than nothing, that makes some people’s heads spin. (Don’t take this ramble too seriously) :P)
4. You can use the creator’s tag graphic if you like. (photo credit is at the bottom of the post)
5. Have fun!

Here we go!


1-ish. If you could be any creature (real, wonderland-ish, or otherwise) what would it be?

Well, I really like horses, so the first thing that came to mind was a centaur.


1/2. Think of one/halves to five/ones of impossible things. What are they?

Having too many books, too much chocolate, and snow in July. Also, it is impossible for me to think of centaurs without thinking of Narnia. 😉

3 is odd. How is a raven like a writing desk?

They both call for attention. Or rather, it’s my laptop calling for attention for me to write. 🙂

4/4. Do you have a character named Alice?

I actually do not.

5/8. The Queen of Hearts thinks you have stolen her tarts, so she yells, “Off with their head” What do you do?

Stuff the tarts in my mouth and….run? (sorry, boring answer)

6/0. Red or blue?

BLUE! I’m liking red more and more, but just coming off of the holiday season, I’ve seen too much of that color, so I’m a little tired of it, honestly.

7-ies. It is tea time. What is your favorite tea or hot beverage?

I used to never drink tea. But lately I’ve been enjoying a cup of green tea on occasion. 🙂 But hot cocoa is the best! (coffee’s good too though)

0/8. What type of flower are you?

I took a quick quiz to see what kind of flower I am, and I’m a sunflower! 😀 Which is awesome, because they’re my favorite kind of flower.

6/9. The dormouse asks you, “Hats or hares? Or was it hairs?” (Warning: some are March-y and/or Mad)

*shrugs* Hats are cool. 🙂

10/6. Where are you headed? Somewhere, Nowhere, Everywhere,  Over There, Elsewhere?

Considering I’ll be heading to read after writing this, I’d say that’s ‘elsewhere,’ since it’s a fantasy. 😉


I’m tagging…

Abigail @Books, Life & Christ

Lilian @Green Tea With Books

You @WhereverYouBlog 😉

Enjoy doing the tag!


Write on,



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What kind of flower are you? What’s your favorite hot beverage?


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