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Today I’ve compiled all the resources that have really helped me grow as a writer. I hope these will do the same for you!


Story EmbersThis recently launched site is dedicated to helping Christian writers write well and write for the glory of God. They have a quiz where they assess your writing level, and then recommend resources that would be most beneficial to you for where you are now in your learning journey.

Kingdom PenA site similar to Story Embers, only geared more so toward teens. This website is inactive now, but there’s still a ton of great writing articles still there, including author interview, book reviews, short stories or poetry, and more.

Helping Writers Become AuthorsThis is author K. M. Weiland’s website, where she posts great articles on the writing craft. Her advice is always easy to understand. She’s written several writing craft books along with fiction as well.

Jerry Jenkins’ websiteDoesn’t post very frequently, but his articles are always really good.

Your Writer PlatformThis site, run by Kimberley Grabas, is probably especially helpful for writers planning on self-publishing, who plan on doing a lot of marketing themselves. She has great articles on building platform, marketing, making a website, and more.

The Hardworking Creative– Not specifically for writing, but anyone pursuing a creative hobby.

The Young Writer– Another site dedicated to young writers realizing that they can reach their goals and dreams, despite their age.

Excelsior Writing School– Offers a course on Show Don’t Tell (I have tried the first part, and it is SO GOOD!)– A great outlining tool! You can use the free option to make an account and create/organize your worlds, universes, characters, items and locations. You can create more with the upgrades version.

Almost An Author- I believe a Christian site that posts very frequently about writing (I found this recently). You can also submit writing there and get info on anything from specific genres to marketing.

Christ is Write (Tessa Emily Hall)



Structuring Your Novel, by K. M. Weiland. Definitely a book every writer should have. She very thoroughly covers structure in an easy-to-understand manner and breaks everything up in manageable chunks. You can also get a workbook to go along with this, which I recommend.

Outlining Your Novel, by K. M. Weiland. I understand this book may not be for everyone, especially you extreme ‘pantsers.’ I did find it helpful, but I’m kind of in between being an outliner and pantser. This also has a workbook to go with it, but I will say that the outlining went a little too in-depth for me. But that’s just me personally, you have to figure out what works best for your story.

Go Teen Writers, by Jill Williamson & Stephanie Morrill. This book is awesome! Geared toward teenage writers, this book covers everything from writing your first draft to pitching to a literary agent. Great book to have on hand as a reference too.

Build Your Author Platform, by Carole Jelen & Michael McCallister. This book really covers all the opportunities writers can have to market themselves or their books and build their platform. I didn’t realize there were so many ways to build platform until I read this book.

One Year Adventure Novel– A very popular course (especially among homeschoolers), by Christian writer Daniel Schwabauer. I got to listen to Mr. Schwabaur at the Realm Makers conference, and I can say that I really enjoyed his teaching. It was easy to understand and from a Christian perspective, and I believe he used some material from this course.


I hope these resources will help you on your writing journey, wherever you are and wherever you’re headed. Maybe I’ll do another post like this, since I’m always coming across new and wonderful resources.


Write on,








Chat with me in the comments! Do you find any of these resources helpful? What’s your favorite writing craft book?


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